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The clouds were doing some weird ominous shit last night right before a storm rolled through.

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the end.

That’s all she wrote. Thank you for stayin’ with me for the year and a half it took to tell this story. 

There will definitely be a book collecting just the Graveyard Quest story. Won’t be out til next year tho. Gonna let it settle for a bit. In the meantime, Back to the usual nonsense next week! Monday and Friday.
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Grade 6


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A special wednesday update! The final pages go up friday!!! AA!

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Monday update! What a helpful little creature he is!


The Kickstarter for Widdershins Volume 4 is in its last hours! Come and grab a copy! 

Everyone getting a book will also get a set of recipe cards. Here are the goals for the other character’s cards, I’d love to do them all!

£5000 - Alexa’s card

£6500 – Rosie’s card 

£8000 – Ethan’s card 

£9500 – Gladys and Edie’s card 

£11000 – Sam’s card

Less than 2 days left to order the newest book (or any of the older ones) with some awesome extras!

Any reblogs/tweets/general word spreading would be super appreciated. 


New to Widdershins? Read from the start of the comic!

Catching up? Read from the start of this story!

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That’s the end of this arc, as well as comic #700! We did it. Together.

My latest book, Octopus Pie: Dead Forever has been nominated for an Ignatz Award! I’m honored to be listed with a lot of wonderful artists. Check out the full list here.

We’re so close with the Patreon campaign - just $200 away! If you pledge you can help fund full-color comics in the very near future.

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Click link for comic!

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A little light reading from 1899

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As a special “lets get this over with” treat, the remaining graveyard quest pages will go up all this week Today (monday), Wednesday, then Friday. Just for the occasion! Back to Monday and Friday after that. I’m getting too itchy to get back to drawin stuff. The past couple of weeks have been… A BEAR! And not in a good way! So come back wednesday for more!

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you know how a lot of things are spoiled for you b/c its the internet and tumblr has a lot of gifs, images, and all that. like its nigh impossible to go into a fandom without having things spoiled for them. however

i still have no fucking earthly clue what jojo’s bizzare adventure is even remotely about. the power of eyeliner? maybe

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Saturday in Ferguson. Aug. 23rd. 

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Hey dresdencodak, Cube’s comic wasn’t passive-aggressive behaviour; rather it was what we call ‘satire’, you vicious egomaniac. Please check your own aggressive-aggressive behaviour next time you feel the blood rising.

You’re in your 30s now Diaz, for goodness’ sake. You style yourself as an even-keeled Edwardian gentleman; it’s just a matter of staying in character, surely.

Funny thing is, only about a third of the responses to Cube’s comic that I saw actually mentioned you; everyone else thought it was about Joss Whedon or just general male nerdery. But you took it personally, and now everyone knows. Now everyone knows.

Also, nice try getting your own little stab in and then declaring, “THERE IS NO PLACE IN WEBCOMICS FOR THIS SORT OF PETTY NONSENSE;” like what counts as ‘drama’ or not begins and ends with you. Aaron Diaz, and people who are nice to Aaron Diaz: the only adults in webcomics.

LOL He’s since deleted that bottom tweet there, without comment, and started tweeting about Doctor Who as if nothing happened. Subtle.

EDIT:  He’s actually deleted BOTH of those tweets, fucking incredible. Oh well, here’s another tweet from yesterday that’s equally applicable.

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dresdencodak asked: Hey, how about not being a passive-aggressive shit next time, eh?





I would think that you, who spend so much time pointing out the flaws and problematic areas in other people’s work, would be able to take one silly comic directed at your work and other likes it.

Normally I wouldn’t respond to this kind of thing publicly, but I’ll make an exception since you called me a shit.

john allison once received a similar lampooning from rene engstrom. his response was to take it in stride, recognize the problem she was teasing him about, and work towards improving

in a near-identical situation, diaz (who frequently engages in parodic criticism himself) calls mary cagle a “shit”

This is the comic in question, which makes it doubly hilarious. If you want to assert your feminist bona fides, you should probably start by not harassing women when they say things you don’t like.

vile-czar here’s an explanation, for context dresden codak is a sci fi comic that’s super fucking pinup-y and male gazy but has the pretension of being feminist

I remember when Diaz drew and posted this comic way back. You will note that Kim’s Butt is prominently featured in a panel. People pointed out and joked about him so lovingly framing a butt.  He then started spewing out this defense on how it was ‘symbolic’, the it was ‘symbolically representing Kim mooning the antagonists and their ideas’ or something like that. Symbolically Mooning was seriously a cornerstone of his defense, I shit you not. The thing is, if he just said “Yeah I just wanted to draw a butt”, pretty sure most people would have been okay with that. However, he went to such a ridiculous defense that it was just…. It makes the problem worse by trying so hard to hide it and pretending it’s something far more noble than it actually is.

Anyway that is my Aaron Diaz recollection.

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