I don't know what I know that I know

It’s time to play Tonight’s round my favorite game: What Blogs Randomly Don’t Show Up On My Tumblr Dash!

I mean, it’d be one thing if they just disappeared and stayed disappeared. But they come in and out at random. It’s like my dashboard is trying to emulate a radio station that’s juuuuust out of range.

But yeah, it’s fun and cool. Great website.

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Pages 33 & 34

Let’s have a drink and talk about our troubles, okay?

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Click link for comic!

SPX was great! thanks so much to everyone who dropped by! This weekend is Rose City Comic Con! I’m at table E8 with bluedelliquanti!

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Had a dream during a nap earlier today.  All I can remember of it was that I made Macklemore throw up because my eye was bleeding.  So I consider this dream a success.

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mmmnnnn Check Pleaassee!!!!

Tuesday!! Woahhh… Then Thursday for a new one! Crap that means I gotta make another comic now CRAP!!!!!

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Those Poor Bastards - Crooked Man

I’m pretty much gonna have to get the full discography of Those Poor Bastards now.

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those poor bastards — glory amen (gospel haunted)

and everyone who lives in fear of the lord
glory, glory, glory amen
and everyone who don’t ain’t gonna live too long
glory, glory, glory amen

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UPDATE || September 15th|| 2014

Current readers, click * here * for the update!


You can track #avasdemonupdate for all the updates!

As always, reblogs really help people discover the comic! <3

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The Ghostbusters II Blu-ray coming out tomorrow has some deleted scenes on it! (gbfans)

Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Blu-ray digibook only $18 on Amazon!



Welp, guess I need a Blu-ray player now.

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i don’t know anything about attack on titan except that 90% of the show seems to take place on horseback

All I know about it is that people keep referring to it with SNK which makes me think for a minute they’re gonna talk about Metal Slug or The King of Fighters video games. And then I’m left with only disappointment and sad.

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Mickey’s Gala Premier (1933)

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Cat Owners Will Understand (21 Pics)

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I need some good spooky podcasts. Or maybe, like, horror too. What are some good spooky/horror podcasts?

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